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mcshepylove in hetrecs

9 more days!

All the entries so far have been tagged. We have some reccers we haven't heard from yet! Remember we go from the 15th of the month to the 15th of the month, so you have 9 more days until your turn is over.

This is also the official claiming post for the rec round starting 11/15. Comment with the fandom you want and please pimp the com where you are allowed to. (Fandom newsletters are great places to start.)


*Smacks forehead* Oh, crap! I didn't realize we had started. I guess I was waiting for you to say, "Go!" *LOL*

I'll find and post all four this weekend. I promise.
ah ha. Well, life is life.

Fabulous. I look forward to them.
Hmm, are there rules against one person going for more than a month? I promise I won't monopolize LOTR indefinitely, but I definitely have enough recs stored up to do another month's worth.
you can have it if no one else asks for it, how about that.
Okay ... hmm, now the question is which recs to post definitely this month just in case someone asks, and which ones to save so that I'll be sure to have at least four left in case someone *doesn't* ask....
I've been ill the last two weeks but I'll post the recs over the weekend.
glad you're feeling better!
hi, erm, i've having a problem... the posting option does not appear for me.
Thanks for fixing this.

Now hit me with a bat. Got a bit confused with the dates. Can I still post my Harry Potter recs? Or is it too late.
Everything got a bit jumbled cause I somehow lost a few days.
I've got all my recs in my memories, I just need to write up the post :)

And I'll take SG1 next month, though it will heavily favor S9 & S10 (I'm a Cam fangirl).
i've just finished my exams. will post the recs by the end of today.

can i take bleach for next month?
Bleach is a fandom I take it? Sure, you can take it. But I'd love a reference point.
yups, it's a fandom =P

Oh yay! I've been hoping someone would do Bleach. =D
hi, erm, i've having a problem... the posting option does not appear for me.
k thanks ^^ just got my post in
I'd like to claim the fandom Inuyasha for December. =D

Er this round that is. ^_^
go for it