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mori sleep

qem_chibati in hetrecs

And Ouran Highschool Host Club Strikes Again!


Fandom: Ouran Highschool Host Club
Pairing: mori/haruhi
Rating: G
Length: 972

Why you should read this:
I really liked the peaceful tone throughout this. I also liked the way that it included Honey. Because Honey and Mori's relationship is so important, so I loved how while it didn't address what he might be thinking, it included him in the fic, he's existance wasn't just ignored.

I'm also a bit of a terrible Mori/Haruhi shipper at times. XD It comes and goes, but they just have these quiet moments of understanding it seems.

Fandom: Ouran Highschool Host Club
Pairing: Honey/Haruhi
Rating: G
Length: 100

Why you should read this:
Though this was only a short drabble, I found it utterly adorable. It takes some insight into Honey from later on to the series - where it seems that he's sitting out on the whirlwind around Haruhi, and then just turns it into, well shippiness.

This is a pretty rare pairing for Ouran, few people seem even willing to talk about or acknowledge it. It's true Honey-sempai often seems very young in the series, but really he's the eldest of all the main characters. o.o;

a short Nekozawa and Haruhi drabble by our_innocence

Fandom: Ouran Highschool Host Club
Pairing: Nekozawa/Haruhi;
Rating: G
Length: 352

Why you should read this:
I quite liked the cute interaction between the two. ;)

Fandom: Ouran Highschool Host Club
Pairing: Haruhi/Tamaki;
Rating: PG
Length: 1250

Why you should read this:
Because it's fun to watch Tamaki come out on top sometimes. And I loved the role Kyouya played in this.


Mori/Haruhi, eh? *grin* I can definitely see that! I lean a bit toward Tamaki/Haruhi, just because I feel like my own personality is kind of a mixture of those two characters, but I'm definitely open to reading other pairings for Haruhi. Really, I can see her with any of the host club if I squint a bit. (Nekozawa's more of a stretch, but who knows....) I've enjoyed all your recs, so thanks for posting this month!
Really it's hostclub/Haruhi all the way in the series. XD

Oh! One more fic rec if your interested.

Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,030
Warnings: Crack, silliness, unbeta'd.
Summary: You wanna know who *I* think Haruhi should end up with?...

I saved this post for last since, it's not entirely het, but after all the pairings I've covered in Ouran for this month, I thought it was the perfect way to finish.

Tamaki/Haruhi tends to get me a bit ?emotional? I guess; see I liked it, then I really hated it - because it always read to me that Tamaki was trying to change Haruhi to becoming something she wasn't. And because I liked Haruhi, so much for being, the down to earth, just not that interested in those sorts of things, person that she was, it got on my nerves after a while. Didn't help coming across badfic where it read like Kyouya and the twins had written the fic for Tamaki sometimes. *g*

But now I can see a lot more in the pairing and enjoy it. =D
Oh, that last rec was brilliant! :-D It really made me smile. And I think it counts as het--at least, the only "pairing" that's definitely confirmed is everybody/Haruhi. It leaves what the others might do with each other up to the reader's imagination.

Re the T/H, I know that Haruhi would never stand for anyone trying to change her. I don't think she's even capable of being something she's not; that honesty is one of her most appealing traits. And while Tamaki can be massively delusional, any successful romance between the two of them would absolutely require that he realize that Haruhi won't change ... and to be honest, he wouldn't like her so much if she did.

Maybe I'm lucky I haven't read very much Ouran fanfic--I've missed the badfic that way. This is one reason why I've been so happy to have recs this month!

About other host club possibilities for Haruhi, I certainly agree that Mori is very sweet with her. (I especially liked the ootoro story which you recommended a while back.) And I'm always intrigued by Honey/Haruhi stories because they pretty much have to look past the Honey's surface persona to make the pairing work, which usually leads to better characterization. I'd hate to see Haruhi break up the twins, but I could imagine them having a very comfortable threesome ;-). I don't know if I've seen the ultimate Kyouya/Haruhi story yet; I'd like to see someone pick up on the creator's suggestion that he's actually very innocent underneath it all.

The Haruhi/Nekozawa fics were fun, and hey, if she can put up with the host club, there's no real reason she couldn't put up with him too! Which just leaves poor Arai....