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BoG Faramir

cressida0201 in hetrecs

"At Long Last" by Astara

"At Long Last" by Astara

Fandom: Lord of the Rings (bookverse)
Pairing: Denethor/Finduilas
Rating: PG-13
Length: 7202 words

Why you should read this:

Denethor is one of the more difficult and fascinating characters in The Lord of the Rings. In the book, we meet him during what are probably the worst days of his life, when he's hostile, suspicious, and embittered. However, the appendix hints at another picture: a great man brought down by his flaws, and the long history of pain and loss which brought him to that state. One particularly intriguing hint is the statement that his wife's early death changed him greatly. Astara does a fine job of rolling back the clock to who Denethor might have been in his younger days, when he had just met the love of his life. Finduilas, created from the sketchy hints in the book, is a charming character. It's easy to see how she gives Denethor what he needs, and to understand how her loss would devastate him.

Note: If you like this story, Astara has also written several other pieces about her favorite Middle-Earth couple. They're all excellent; however, I chose "At Long Last" for my recommendation because it comes first in the internal chronology.


That was a joy to read. Well-written & believable; I particularly loved the characterisation of young!Denethor. :)
(I have no idea how to let the author know of my pleasure, though. Umm. Does she read this list? o_o; )
I don't think she reads this community, but she's a member of a board where I post, so I can tell her to. ;) Or if you'd like to talk to her yourself, her lj is sealover_astara, and I know she'd welcome comments on her writing.

If you liked "At Long Last," here are her other full-length Denethor/Finduilas stories in the order they take place:

A New Territory
Perfectly Bad Timing
Going Too Far
Last Night

She has several drabbles, too, which can be found on her page at Open Scrolls.
Does she read this list? o_o;
No, I normally don't. *wink* But cressida0201 pointed me in this direction so that I now may thank you for your kind words. It's always great to find that others enjoy what one has written and perhaps even share one's take on a character, a pairing, or whatever that means a lot one.
Now I hope you're going to read my other stuff as well... :-)